Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Walk on the Dyed Side

Hello again!

I bought this bog standard white maxi dress ages ago for a friend's wedding. It was a  ceremony that required me to wear a long dress (I didn't own any!!! so panicked and bought this) but have never worn it since.

Yup, that's it

But I've been seeing a lot of tie dyed maxi dresses recently that have been catching my eye and thought it can't be that hard!

So I googled - and this is the particularly great tutorial that I found (I even created my own washing soda (once I worked out what it was!)) .....

I prepared the fabric in a solution of pre-dye wash for two hours and then got to the tie bit of the tie dye. I knew I wanted a circle in the bottom corner (so used a stone) and then the vertical concertina fold and scrunches for the rest of the dress. Thus, I tied so.....

I then got a box of Dylon dye and used two teaspoons (and the corresponding amount of salt) with hot water into a travel toiletries bottle and started to squirt the dye into the dress. This was loads of fun!! The tutorial had said that one common mistake was not adding enough dye, so I just kept covering the odd ball that the dress had become until I couldn't see any more white. I figured I'd prefer it more black than white anyway and that the tied bits would stay white (i.e. work!!!!)

I put it in a plastic bag, left it on some card outside for twenty four hours and came back to it the next day. I washed out the dye and hung my dress out to dry.

Very happy with the end result!!!

What I really, really like about this project (as with all refashes) is that even though there are loads of tie dyed garments out there, this one is completely unique. This pattern never has and never will exist in exactly the same form again.

Thanks for reading!!


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